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walking with pipes

scissor lift

Who is Rexdale Electric?

Rexdale Electric is an electrical contracting company located in Vaughan, Ontario. We have been service Vaughan and surround areas for over 30 years.
Founded by Pasquale Raso Rexdale has completed countless jobs, worked with hundreds of satisfied customers and been a part of the development of the community.

“When we first opened Rexdale Electric, I was excited to start working and take part in the development of all different types of buildings and homes.” - Pat Raso

The companies history, although not long, is an interesting one. From humble beginnings in his Woodbridge home, Pat and Rexdale Electric have definitly become part of the Vaughan community. Rexdales service vehichles can be seen on the road daily.

There is no project too big or small for Rexdale Electric. We proudly gurantee all of our work.

Check out our Gallery to see photos of past jobs, our shop and office and our employess.